Monday, June 25, 2012

Episode 109 - Top Ten Lists

This episode starts off with an update on the Hammerjack - Ender Bowen feud and Dave allows Korey to stick his foot in his mouth.

Dave aka Glenn Jackson had called the real Glenn Jackson and recording the call for the show. Awkwardness ensues.

An email from a Brony / My Little Pony Convention and the guy who runs the convention seems to love the show.

After a commercial and a few drops from Beards and Bullshit, the follow up to Korey's comments about Pearl Jam's album Ten start. Korey had said that Pearl Jam's Ten was one of the Top 10 Albums ever. So Korey unveils his 10 Favorite Albums of all time and you will get to see if Pearl Jam's Ten makes the list or not.

The Add/Drop segment features talk about a podcast called Happy Birthday Gary. Then talk about the following movies: Punching the Clown, Chronicle, and Battleship.

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